On My Love of Mario

It’s 2003 and I’m at home with mum and dad. I’ve started a new school in Crockham Hill because my parents got a new job working for a private estate. Dad tells me I have to clean my room. We have just been to the garden centre which is the most boring thing in the world because dad just looks at trees and mum peruses the bedding plants. I plan out tidying my room by rolling around on my bed for ten minutes hoping that once I’m my room would have tidied itself. An hour of putting this back and folding up that, dad appears in my doorway. I wonder if I am free from this torture. Maybe he has changed his mind. Then the fear dawns on me. Dusting. He goes round the room swiping his finger over shelves and the tops of furniture. Guilty. ‘Don’t forget to polish,’ he says. Once you’re done you can play. My belly somersaults. I can play… Mario.

Sometimes we would play Mario Kart, other times it would be a two hour session of Mario Party. We also had Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora’s Mask. There was Rayman: The Great Escape and then there was Super Mario 64. That’s the one I want to talk about today.

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My name is Cerys and I’m a creative writer working the cafe bars by day and feeding my passion by night. I’ve been published by Room magazine, KM Gazette and Classic Rock Society magazine. I studied English language and linguistics at the University of Kent graduating in 2018. If I’m not writing I’m at the gym lifting weights to improve myself week on week.




Creative writer. cerysonline.com. I work in a cafe, lift weights and have a degree in English Language.

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Creative writer. cerysonline.com. I work in a cafe, lift weights and have a degree in English Language.

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